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Satellite Technology & Innovations Arena

About Satellite Technology Innovation (STI) Arena

The Satellite Technology Innovation (STI) Arena is a proposed strategic initiative under Satellite, Weather and Climate division of Earth Observation Research and Innovation Centre, University of Energy and Natural Resources, Sunyani – Ghana. The STI Arena is to coordinate and facilitate training and outreach programs in areas of Satellite Technology and Space related.

Desired Outcomes/Benefits

• Training and Capacity building of experts (Scientists, Engineers and Technicians) through well-designed professional training programs, short courses and workshop in areas of satellite technology and innovations and the use of space services and applications positively to contribute to Ghana and the wider African space sector growth.
• An effective awareness campaign to whip the interest of the general public especially the youth in Space Science Technology and Innovation (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics – STEM). Also to encourage the Government and private sector to invest in Ghana and the wider African space sector growth.


STI Arena will achieve its outcomes by:
• Working collaboratively with the schools and departments of UENR, public and private sector organizations and key satellite industry players.
• Ensuring effective and efficient management practices
• Supporting wider opportunities in line with Ghana/Africa Space sector growth.
• Creativity, innovative ways of generating funds to support the effective running of the initiative.

For more information, participation and sponsorship contact us @ eoric@uenr.edu.gh

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