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Ing. Mark Amo-Boateng (PhD) - EORIC

Ing. Mark Amo-Boateng (PhD)

Chairman, Innovations Committee

Mark has over 15 years of experience and excels in finding innovative solutions to grand challenges in Energy, Health, Computing and Water. His approach is to think-outside-the-box, then apply the innovation using appropriate technologies to solve these challenges. This approach was one of the factors that made him a semi-finalist in the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE Competition. His expertise includes hyper-scale computing, algorithms, artificial intelligence, large-scale distributed hydrological systems, computational fluid dynamics, and modelling large-scale dynamic energy systems. Mark has a PhD in Hydrology and Water Resources (2015) from Hohai University, China. His background is in Civil Engineering (from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology) and Master’s in Water Resources Engineering and Management also from KNUST. His recent experience includes serving as Head, Earth Observation and Research Innovation Centre, University of Energy and Natural Resources (2018-2020), Lecturer, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Energy and Natural Resources. He is also the CEO and Co-Founder of several companies including Enyinam Technologies Limited, Zlitch Technologies, and Xtellix. He also serves on many boards, as well as mentors students and entrepreneurs across the country and the continent, including National Math and Science Quiz, The Sharks Quiz, Wagui Space (Gabon), BarCamp (Sunyani). As an entrepreneur, he was a finalist for Hardware Africa 2015/2016, SeedStars Ghana (3rd Place, 2015), Semi-Finalist, $7m Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE (Global Competition) amongst others. Aside from teaching civil, environmental and renewable energy engineering-related courses, he also teaches project management and entrepreneurship, as well as postgraduate students.

Mark has worked on several artificial intelligence (AI) projects including: (a) Xtellix (https://xtellix.com): enterprise platform to find solutions faster using novel self-developed proprietary AI algorithm that is 1,200x faster than the conventional search/optimization algorithms; (b) Artificial Intelligence Country Tracker (https://aicountrymonitor.org): automatically tracks and classifies the COVID- 19 state of reporting countries and territories; (c) COVID-19 AI X-Ray Detector: point-of-care rapid diagnosis (max 5 seconds) of COVID-19 using Smartphones and chest X- Rays; (d) Malaria Microscopy on Smartphones: rapid malaria diagnosis of parasites on thin and thick stained and unstained blood samples; (e) Rapid diagnosis of Chest X-Rays and CT-Scans: diagnosis of 16 different chest pathologies including Tuberculosis and Pneumonia (viral or bacterial) infections; (f) Real-time weather forecasts: local-scale weather forecasts from global radar predictions using Generative Adversarial Networks; and (g) Improving Satellite Image Resolutions using Generative Adversarial Networks.

Mark Amo-Boateng is a certified NVIDIA DLI Cuda instructor. In addition, he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in civil and environmental engineering at the University of Energy and Natural Resources in Ghana. He also teaches high-performance computing for postgraduates and is a member of the National Supercomputing Committee for the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology, and Innovation (both in Ghana). Mark worked on a novel algorithm that reduced the computational time required to optimize hydrological models from five days to two seconds during his PhD days and recently founded Xtellix to bring the technology to the market.

Areas of Interest

Hydrology Modelling, Water Resources, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Prototyping, Intellectual property, Web Services, Innovations Management, Hyper-scale Computing, algorithms, Large-Scale Distributed Hydrological Systems, and Modelling Large-Scale Dynamic Energy Systems