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Ing. Nana Ekow Nkwa Sey - EORIC

Ing. Nana Ekow Nkwa Sey

Ground Systems Manager

Nana Ekow Nkwa Sey is a professional engineer with a background in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters in Environmental Engineering Management. He is currently the Ground Systems Manager with the Earth Observation Research & Innovation Centre (EORIC) of the University of Energy & Natural Resources (UENR) in charge of all existing infrastructure and ground stations. He is the coordinator for all unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) related works. Ing. Sey is a member of the Projects & Proposals and the Training Programs, Short Courses, Workshops & Seminars committees. He has also been involved in the execution of a number of projects, including the Carbon Flux Tower Project and the development of the Advanced Virtual Fire Information Application for farmers. Ing. Sey has also facilitated several training programmes and workshops in drone flight and operations, data science, python programming and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). He also serves as the Media person/Webmaster of the Bono and Ahafo Chapter of the Ghana Institution of Engineering (GhIE). Nkwa is a strong solution-oriented professional who loves to acquire new knowledge, serve humanity and apply appropriate technologies to solve challenges.

Areas of Interest

Drone Technology, Satellite Ground Station Support, Python Programming, Data Science, Machine Learning, Environmental Engineering